Products and Services

Software for Microsoft Windows and Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook

IT services – custom software solutions for Enterprise

We offer a broad range of IT services that can be tailored to any specific needs of your business or organization. With years of expertise in developing solutions for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office, 4Team professionals are highly qualified to deliver efficient software solutions and support services.
Services: Custom software solutions for Enterprise and outsourcing.

4Team Microsoft Outlook Support

We offer advanced technical support services online via email or LiveChat. 4Team Outlook tech support are highly qualified and certified Microsoft professionals, providing worldwide support for issues, occurred within our products, Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 package.

Microsoft and other 3rd party products

We have complemented our product list with tools and services that are developed by third parties and supported by 4Team professionals. Our support team has an extensive experience and proficiency in working with all these products and ensures prompt support services at all times.
Products: Microsoft Office 365

Free apps

We offer free Microsoft Outlook aplications for Windows 8 PC's.