What We Do

Since 1999, 4Team Corporation has developed and supported various software products for many customers across different industries. We can now share our exclusive experience of developing solutions for Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Office and beyond. We are focused only on delivering efficient solutions and 4Team is all about excellence in service and customer satisfaction, adding value and providing complete peace of mind.

As well as being a Microsoft Office and Outlook software solutions provider, 4Team Corporation offers a wide range of professional end-to-end custom turnkey solutions to meet the current technological demands of our clients. We are offering high-value experiences with a quick and efficient implementation, deployment and support services.

Our areas of expertise in general are:

Details about custom solutions for Microsoft Office and Outlook add-ins can be found here (Custom software solutions).

A full list of 4Team software products can be found at the company’s main website www.4team.biz.